Projects and partnerships

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Projects and partnerships

Holiday Kitchen offers families learning, food and play when they need it most. The aim of this well-being project is to support families to thrive throughout the year by offering fun activities, family learning experiences and healthy community meals which promote health and educational life-chances. Holiday Kitchen is for families who could benefit from positive opportunities during stressful holidays periods when other services, such as free school meals, are less available. Through a collaboration with Birmingham City University, we work closely with community partners to support families of pre and primary school children who are on low incomes and/or are in need of additional support. For the latest news, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

Holiday Kitchen Impact Report 2018 (2mb)

Holiday Kitchen Food Poverty Report 2018

Download our 2017 reports:

Public Health Briefing 2017: Holiday Kitchen and Public Health Outcomes (2Mb)

2016 reports:

What children think in 2016
West Midlands
Greater Manchester
Sandwell Prevention and Early Help Case Study (funded by PHE)

2014 reports:

2014 Summary
2014 Birmingham City University Evaluation


Make, Move and Munch 

In the UK today, there are around 4 million people who have Type 2 diabetes and around 7 million living with heart and circulatory disease. These can be serious life-threatening conditions. Make Move and Munch (MMM) is a community based health promotion programme that supports people to eat better, move more and reduce their risk of developing these conditions.

In Sandwell, MMM is led by Accord, and delivered in partnership with local partners with the support of Sandwell Local Authority. MMM Clubs have been developed to support families living in low income areas to take fun and manageable steps together live healthier lifestyles on a budget.

Since April 2016 Accord has successfully delivered 50 MMM Clubs to 1466 local residents in schools and community venues. Of the six MMM programmes nationally, MMM Sandwell has achieved the most significant improvements in almost all areas, and has been recognised through multiple national awards.

This work was originally funded by the National Charity Partnership, a partnership between Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco, between January 2016 and December 2017. The delivery of 14 further clubs is now being supported by Sandwell’s seven Learning Communities.


Impact Summary:

MMM Impact Summary 2018

Evaluation Report:

Full National MMM Evaluation

Sandwell report

Moving forward seminar:

make move munch - Regional CVD Perspective

make move munch - PHE Event

make move munch - Sandwell in action

make move munch - NCP (Alex Davis)


Accord made history five years ago when it became the first housing association in the country to open a factory manufacturing low carbon advanced housing manufactured (AHM) timber homes. Local Homes is a timber frame manufacturer that produces high performance closed and open panel housing systems. The homes are designed and manufactured to provide flexible solutions that can be tailored to individual needs and functions. This includes everything from floor layout and external finishes, to building form and shape. The housing products are low cost to build, fast to erect, reduce on-site waste, reduce traffic movements and offer the residents living in the homes lower running costs than brick and block built properties.

Matrix is a unique co-operative providing affordable housing and health and social care services. As a not-for-profit co-operative of housing associations, Matrix responds innovatively to the country’s need for more affordable housing. The partnership is made up of six highly skilled associations led by Accord and includes Rooftop Housing Group, Trent & Dove, Trident Group, WATMOS Community Homes and Pioneer Group. 

We collectively manage over 30,000 homes across the wider Midlands region, employ over 4,000 people; have assets of more than £1.2bn and a combined turnover of over £218m. Matrix spend annually over £19m on repairs and maintenance services, £17.5m on home improvement programmes and £46m on a range of goods and services in local and often fragile economies; stimulating growth, creating jobs and generating extra economic and social value.

InDesign is our own architecture team - the UK’s only architectural team based within the framework of a social housing landlord. Indesign blend cutting-edge design with a resident-led ethos which delivers the low cost high-quality homes that people want. We also lead the sector in developing low carbon housing solutions at the same cost of traditional homes which deliver energy savings of 50% and more. Our expertise in culturally-appropriate design means we are helping to create the safe and sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Planning for Real® is a nationally recognised community planning process based on 3D modelling. The process allows residents to register their views on a range of issues, to work together to identify priorities, and in partnership with local agencies go on to develop an action plan for change.

old-tree-logoOld Tree Nursery is our plant and garden nursery in Wolverhampton that is open to the public with a café and crafts retail outlet. It also provides training/employment opportunities and support to people with learning disabilities, mental health needs or those facing disadvantage due to social or personal histories. Old Tree Nursery also offers a gardening and landscaping service.